About The Bread HouseNutrition with a Mission

Nutrition with a Mission

Our story is a perfect life-giving recipe of two missions, both founded in Albany, Georgia in 2003 and recently blended together for wellness and sustainability success.

Namely, a “for profit” bakery that helps to sustain a “non-profit” alcoholism and substance abuse recovery community for women.

Our secret ingredient is love!

Goodness Gracious The Bread House & Granary is a “for-profit” business that provides delicious “truly whole grain” bakery products. These freshly baked healthy breads,energy fiber bars, cookies and other goodies enhance bodily health and nourishment of souls while employing, empowering and transforming recovering women.

GraceWay Women's Recovery Residence

The mission of “non-profit” GraceWay Women's Recovery Residence offers employment opportunities for residents to work in the granary/bakery to learn new job skill sets in an environment conducive to wholeness and wellness. These grateful employees place a face on healthy recovery and give back to the community as they base their lives and work on the promises and Word of God.

A portion of the profits from The Bread House healthy grain and bakery ministry and mail order whole grain bread business fortify and sustain GraceWay’s non-profit mission of planting seeds of recovery.

2011 Product Innovation Award - National Restaurant Association

The Bread House Product Innovation Award