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Nutrition with a Mission

The Bread House is a for-profit bakery and restaurant that helps sustain a non-profit charity called GraceWay Recovery Residence. While our quest is to support our local community just as they support us, our initial and still focal mission is with this organization. GraceWay is a women's drug and alcohol rehab facility located just a block away from our building. Back in 2015 when deciding where to relocate, GraceWay was a large factor in our decision to plant our roots downtown. The Bread House employs the residents of the long-term treatment center to give them the ability to work in a safe, temptation-free environment, but also donates our earnings to aid and benefit GraceWay's mission. Here at The Bread House, we provide all-natural, hand-baked goods, and fresh, healthy, locally-sourced meals that you and your family can feel good about eating and even better about supporting. With every Bread House purchase you, our customer, are helping to enable countless women to obtain the help they need to live the empowered lives they desire and deserve through the GraceWay recovery program. So, on behalf of the staff at The Bread House and the residents at GraceWay, we graciously thank you!

2011 Product Innovation Award - National Restaurant Association

The Bread House Product Innovation Award