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Big City Bistro Meets Southern Charm
Our restaurant offers an ever-changing seasonal menu like no other in our area that is farm to table fresh. Our chef uses only the freshest ingredients with a goal to provide a variety of health-conscious choices with flavor that will blow you away. We work with our local farmers and artisans to pick ingredients of the highest quality and to give back to our surrounding community as well.

Meet our Chef Reid Harrison
Reid’s culinary career started after he decided to take a year off from college where he was on path to become a math teacher. During his year off from school Reid started working for Chef Paul Harpin (former personal chef to Mick Jagger as well as Elton John). It was here that his culinary passion was sparked and he decided to attend the famed Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Chicago.

Upon completion of the culinary program, Reid took a position as a cook of a large scale restaurant in the downtown loop of Chicago where his hard work, passion for good food and attention to detail landed him a position as chef manager of his own corporate restaurant at the young age of 22 in the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower).

In 2008, Reid found himself back in Macon, GA helping his grandparents manage their local health food store. It was here that Reid's passion for food started to focus on locally grown and sustainably produced goods.

Not being able to stay out of the kitchen for long, Reid soon found himself back in the food service industry. It was during this re-entrance to the culinary world that he began to re-hone his skills of all things culinary. Reid helped to open a local franchise, catered his own private events, performed cooking demos at local farmer's markets, worked at one of middle Georgia's finest restaurants, and even helped to promote local community garden projects in order to help increase access to wholesome food.

After almost 5 years as the Executive Chef at White Oak Pastures on farm restaurant, Reid has come to The Bread House and Granary located here in Albany on North Jefferson street in attempt to share his love for wholesome and seasonally inspired dishes.

It is Reid's love and passion not just for food, but where it comes from, the impact it has on a community’s health and economy that inspires him to continually take care of and pride in the way he prepares and preserves the season’s harvest.

“While we as a society are more connected than ever through social media, we are more disconnected, unhappy and sick than at almost any other time in history. I believe food has the ability to change all of that. If we would get to know our neighbors and farmers, share a meal with them, and support our local business, I believe we would see a huge positive change in our communities. It is my desire to help nurture a community of continual improvement by drawing others together through all things food.” – Chef Reid Harrison

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